Second round of ballots declared

Chairperson of the Schools’ Commission, Mr Harry Thompson

The Moderator declared the results of the second round of ballots held at the 25th Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church.

For the Council of Synod ex-officio members are the Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman, General Secretary Rev Jenny Tymms, Ex Moderator, Rev Allan Kuchler, Director UnitingCare Queensland Ms Anne Cross, Chairperson UnitingCare Queensland Board Assoc Professor Jill Wilson, Director, FAPS Mr Bruce Binnie and Chairperson FAPS Board Mr Barrie Rollason.

Synod Leadership Team member are Mr Geoff Batkin, Rev Rob Brennan, Mrs Sharon Kirk, Mr Robert Leivesley, Dr Ron Skilton and Mr Harry Thompson all of whom are also members of the Council of Synod.

Other elected members of the Council of Synod are Rev Shayne Blackman, Mr Michael Brumpton, Pastor Russell Clark, Rev Bruce Cornish, Ms Louise Edwards, Rev David Fanning, Rev Brian Gilbert, Mrs Caroline Holmes, Rev Harold Kilah, Rev Peter Lockhart, Rev Charles Masih, Mr Bob Mitchell, Pastor Euan McDonald, Rev Dr Ray Reddicliffe, Rev Kaye Ronalds and Rev Evan Stenlake

Elected to the Finance and Property Board were Chairperson Mr Barrie Rollason, Mr Alan Grummitt, Mr Mervyn Head and Mr David Vann.

Appointed to the Property Trust (Qld) were Mr Robert Cambridge, Mr Robert Packer, Mr Peter Robinson, Mr Barrie Rollason and Mr Peter Watson.

Elected to the Ministerial Education Board were Mr Robert Leivesley, Mr Bruce Mullan and Mrs Beth Nichols

Elected to the Schools’ Commission were Chairperson Mr Harry Thompson and members Mr Steven Austen, Ms Annetter Dale-Meiklejohn, Rev Dr Noel Davis, Mrs Phyllis Hall, Mr Brian Hedges and Ms Elaine Rae.

Photo : Chairperson of the Schools’ Commission, Mr Harry Thompson