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Book review: Child, Arise! The Courage to Stand

Child, Arise!

Jane Dowling’s Child, Arise! explores faith, sexual abuse and how the author’s relationship with Jesus assisted her during the long process of healing after suffering abuse from a family member and a priest. Rev Heather Griffin reviews.  Child, Arise! The Courage to Stand is, according to its full title, a “spiritual handbook for survivors of sexual abuse” but it is ...

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Film review: A United Kingdom

Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo star in A United Kingdom. Photo by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Amma Asante’s latest film A United Kingdom explores the true story of a 1940s relationship between the prince of Botswana and a London office worker, but Dr Janice McRandal delves deeper into the colonial dimensions of the romantic drama. Drawing on the little-known and true-life romance between Sir Sereste Khama and Ruth Williams Khama, A United Kingdom is a beautifully ...

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Book review: God in Public

God in Public

Tom Wright’s latest book God in Public explores the dynamics of power in the contemporary public sphere and where Christianity fits alongside politicians, the media and the general public. Nick Mattiske reviews. Tom Wright is fond of repeating that God “is” putting the world to rights—not just “has” or “will” but “is”. Anyone familiar with his writings will understand his ...

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Five Christmas gifts to get the neighbours talking

Christmas gifts

Looking for a Christian-themed Christmas gift that will honour the reason for the season and make a stand against rampant secularism? Here’s a few ideas from Journey for ways to wear your faith on your sleeve as well as showing the world that Christians know how to have fun. Six foot inflatable nativity scene  This inflatable nativity scene will put ...

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What if every church … opened its doors?

What if every church ... opened its doors? Photo: Supplied

The ancient Celts described spiritually significant spaces where one could catch a glimpse of the divine as “thin places”, but in the hustle and bustle of modern life is your church making the best use of its property beyond Sundays? Scott Guyatt writes. There is a Celtic saying, that heaven and earth are only three feet apart … but that ...

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Book review: Walking Home

Walking Home

Over five years ago Journey reported on a group of friends who were walking 2000 kilometres around Queensland to raise awareness about the 2000 languages into which the Bible has not been translated. Andrew Sav, one of those walkers, has since written about his experiences on that trek for his new book Walking Home. Neil Thorpe reviews. This book should ...

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Female focus on Congregational Church

Rev Dr Julia Pitman’s new book Our Principle of Sex Equality explores 15 female ministers in the context of the establishment of Congregationalism in Australia. Rev Jim Pearson reviews. I enthusiastically opened Rev Dr Julia Pitman’s Our Principle of Sex Equality for two reasons. Firstly, as a Presbyterian minister who became a Minister of the Word in the Uniting Church ...

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Filling the Christmas bowl with generosity

Christmas Bowl appeal

For over 67 years, the Christmas Bowl has been a way for compassionate Christians to express the love of Christ to those in great need around the globe, with this year’s appeal focused on drought-stricken Zimbabwean farmers. Jess Xavier reports. Giving is such an important part of Christian living and last year generous Uniting Church members in Queensland raised over ...

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Celebrating hopeful disruptions

Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

At Christmas, we celebrate an interruption to our ordinary existence and to what we had planned for life. The birth of Jesus was a disruption for Mary and Joseph: a challenging one that threatened their relationship and their standing in their community. Yet it was a disruption that gave them purpose, hope and fulfilment like they had not known, nor ...

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Letters December 2016

Letters to the editor graphic by Uniting Communications.

More memories at the Crossroads  Just to add to Rodney Boyce’s plea (“To the editor”, November 2016 edition) for a future reference to Crossroads in Journey. In January 1978 I left as minister of a country parish in Queensland (we were refugees from Bjelke) to take up the position of “Christian Education Officer” for the (then) Uniting Church in Australia ...

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