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Friday’s religion wrap

The Journey team selects stories that got us talking this week. Check back in every Friday to see the latest wrap up of religious news that made us think and reflect.

Message to God: football wins are harder than they look

The Guardian reports on Arsenal football club manager Arsene Wenger and his lifelong obsession with soccer. Wenger reflects on three decades in management and what he would say to God at the gates of Heaven.

The Gunners currently sit second on the English Premier League table, only separated by goal difference with league leaders Manchester City.

Sydney churches face the rubble for high-rise apartments

The Daily Telegraph examines the impact Sydney train line proposals will have on Dulwich Hill and how churches in the area could make way for apartment blocks. The Dulwich Hill Uniting, Baptist and Greek Orthodox churches all have buildings in the area and the Save Dully Action Group fears urban redevelopment plans will make way for residential and commercial facilities.

Churches aren’t the only casualties if plans go ahead: Dulwich Hill’s endangered colony of long-nosed bandicoots could also be under threat.

Church Halloween party gets a serious scare

An underage party held at a Uniting Church building in Melbourne turned to chaos with reports of drinking, drug use and fighting, reports the Daily Mail. Dozens of police officers and the police dog squad descended on the event to try and bring it under control, with two teens taking to hospital for drug use.

The event was organised by the Darebin FReeZA program which is funded by the Victorian state government.

Pope to commemorate Protestant Reformation

Relevant covers news of Pope Francis’ participation in commemorations for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. To signify the need for Christians to work together in the future, the Pope will travel to Sweden for a prayer service celebrating the anniversary of the Lutheran cathedral in Lund. He will also travel to Malmo for mass which is expected to draw thousands.

The Punisher claims a warning from God

Controversial Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte (nicknamed “The Punisher”) claims God told him to stop swearing during an international flight or the plane would crash, according to The Guardian. Duterte has used “colourful” language to describe the Pope and regularly laces his speeches about his government’s war on drugs with profanities.

Since taking office Duterte has unleashed a bloody crackdown on drug dealers, suspected or otherwise, with thousands killed by police forces. The European Parliament expressed concerns about the extrajudicial killings: Duterte responded with profanities aimed at EU officials.

Women unlikely to get ordained by Catholic Church

CathNews reports on recent statements made by Pope Francis that the Catholic Church cannot ordain women to priesthood and episcopacy because Jesus only chose men as his apostles.

The Pope was visiting the Lutheran Church of Sweden which is led by the nation’s first female primate when asked about the possibility of the Catholic Church changing its position on female priests and bishops.


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