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Friday’s religion wrap

Magnifying glass over an open Bible.

Politics vs religion Fairfax newspapers report that our political leaders are doing God and it’s about time. Senior figures, including the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader among others, have been discussing their religious beliefs in a new book on faith without the usual deer-in-headlights reaction that occurs whenever a politician spots a godless and cynical journalist looking for a gotcha ...

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Is your coffee Fairtrade? It’s time to ask the question

Fairtrade Fortnight (3–16 August) highlights the international movement supporting better working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries. Rev John Martin explores the link between Fairtrade and the Gospel, focusing on ways that congregations can be involved. I was recently preparing to go to a church to talk about Fairtrade and the Gospel. A ...

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Social Responsibility Review -7 August 2018

What’s coming up Homelessness Week 6–12 August Homelessness Week is an annual awareness-raising week to highlight the 116,000 Australians who are homeless on any given night. Learn more about homelessness in Australia. Make some noise on social media about this issue. Week in review Youth homelessness on the rise Mission Australia’s new report reveals this hidden problem. The report is ...

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Synod hosts Diocese of Amritsar visitors

Uniting Church member Lyndall Moore reports on the latest visit to Queensland by representatives from the Diocese of Amritsar, North India as part of a growing friendship between the two churches. A bishop, two ministers, a social worker, a development worker and a school principal made up the Diocese of Amritsar group who visited Toowoomba, Brisbane and Maleny in July. ...

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Social responsibility review – 1 August

What’s coming up  Fairtrade Fortnight: August 3–16 Get involved by: ·         Signing up to receive newsletters ·         Displaying Fairtrade Fortnight posters at school, work or in your local community ·         Sharing the graphics on your social media channels to educate others about why they should #BUYFAIR ·         Looking for the Fairtrade Mark at your local supermarket and removing the shadow of doubt about ...

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Q & A with UnitingWomen keynote speaker – Eloise Wellings

Eloise Wellings is passionate about athletics and helping those in poverty. After deciding at the age of 15 that she wanted to make running her career, she committed to training and qualified for the Olympics at the age of 16. Unfortunately, soon after qualifying, Eloise suffered a stress fracture, which continued to plague her career for the following decade. Despite ...

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Moderator’s Musing – 26 July

Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

If you’d like to lift your eyes and be encouraged for a moment in the midst of life, then spend three minutes checking out this video from UnitingWorld. Having some personal experience of their work in the Solomon Islands and India, this video is a faithful representation of the church’s engagement with partner churches in our corner of God’s good ...

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Community spirit sets Raymont Residential College apart 

From the age of 15, Rockhampton local Sam Stein recognised that his immediate future was in Brisbane, where he now studies a Bachelor of Engineering and Information Technology at Queensland University of Technology. After moving to Brisbane in 2017, The Cathedral College alumnus knew that he wanted to live in a strong community environment as opposed to a share house. ...

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Raymont Residential College provides a home away from home

Leaving his small-town roots behind, Bundaberg local Lucas Hansen, has moved to Brisbane where he now lives at Raymont Residential College while studying audio engineering at the SAE Brisbane campus. The St Luke’s alumnus didn’t know what to expect when he first moved to Brisbane in 2017. “I’m from a small country town and at first, Brisbane wasn’t what I ...

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Social responsibility review – 24 July

What’s coming up Filthy Rich and Homeless – returning soon In a special three-night event, SBS will be presenting season two of this honest and compassionate exploration of what it is like to be homeless in Australia today. The series will air from 14 to 16 August at 8:30 pm, followed by a live special at 9:30 pm on 16 ...

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