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When the choir came to town

Pub Choir is the growing craze for people wanting a fun night out singing and meeting others but as Scott Guyatt discovered, there may be some profound lessons the church can learn from their community-building efforts. Recently I found myself on the banks of the Brisbane River, a member of an impromptu Pub Choir of around 600 voices, singing Midnight ...

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Why RI still belongs in our schools

Rev Paul Clark draws upon the survey results of the 2017 Queensland Christian Religious Instruction Network (QCRIN) survey from more than 750 instructors, to offer this fictionalised profile of who is teaching Religious Instruction and why it matters for our youth. Janet enters her local state school every Friday. She’s a retired teacher aide who’s been part of the school ...

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Eight tips for bringing kids (and their parents) back to church

Wondering where all the kids went? Read our top tips from local leaders and congregations for creating sustainable ministry with children. 1. Put children’s and family ministry at the centre of your church mission. This means more than just welcoming kids and their parents or carers, but providing opportunities for them to serve and listening to their ideas. It means ...

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What to expect from the 15th Assembly

Uniting Church members from around Australia will come together in prayerful community at Box Hill Town Hall in July for the 15th Assembly meeting. Matt Pulford reports on the issues in focus for the church. On 8 July, members of the 15th Assembly will install Dr Deidre Palmer as president, the second woman in the history of the church to ...

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Deidre’s discipleship

Youth worker, Christian educator, academic, theologian, social worker, counsellor and Moderator: Dr Deidre Palmer has held many roles throughout her life but she will soon add “Uniting Church President” to the list when members of the 15th Assembly meet in July. Matt Pulford profiles our next president. Dr Deidre Palmer chooses her words carefully when asked about her call to ...

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Keeping hearts burning for sovereignty and treaty

The 14th President of the Uniting Church in Australia Stuart McMillan has urged church members to address the “unfinished business” of sovereignty and treaty for First Peoples in his final national message. Matt Pulford reports. “I started my presidency with the Yolŋu words Bala limurr roŋyirr ŋorraŋgitjlil—‘Let us return to the white ashes of the fire’,” said Stuart. “It was ...

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Mine and yours: sharing tomorrow’s wealth

Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

I had my third visit to Cape York in April for the funeral of Rev Silas Wombly of Aurukun. Silas was a clan leader and a Uniting Church minister. Being raised at the mission, he worked as a stockman in the Gulf country before heading back to work for Comalco. He left for Nungalinya College in Darwin, and returned as ...

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Cornerstone of faith: historic Ipswich church celebrates 170 years

It’s been 170 years since the first service was conducted in the Wesleyan chapel in Ipswich in 1848, giving birth to a faithful congregation who have continued to serve God at the Ipswich City Uniting Church. Join the celebrations on 29 April at 2 pm, and read church council member Ruth Duncan’s reflection to find out more about this historic ...

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Moderator’s Musing – 27 March 2018

Current Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker.

“Bringing the game into disrepute”.   It’s pretty much equivalent to blasphemy these days. The more matters are disclosed, the more the problem with the men’s Australian Cricket team captain seems to be as much that he demonstrated an inability to understand the symbolism of his role and his actions as that he colluded in ball tampering, bad as that ...

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Book review: The New Cosmic Story

As science progresses and we learn more about the universe and our place within it, what role does religion and spiritual thought play in unlocking the mysteries of our cosmic beginnings? John Haught’s latest book The New Cosmic Story grapples with the big questions of our existence and how religion has a far greater role in understanding the universe than some ...

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