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Julie McCrossin with her partner Melissa Gibson and their children Luke and Amelia Woods (left) & hosting the Q&A panel discussion during UnitingWomen 2016 (right). Photos: Supplied

Julie McCrossin: Finding acceptance with the Uniting Church

Former ABC broadcaster Julie McCrossin is a familiar voice to the Australian public. Ashley Thompson ...

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Election issues. Illustration: Kaytlin Miller

Election 2016: Hot-button topics that won’t make the front page

How carefully do we think before we exercise our democratic responsibilities by voting? Do we ...

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32nd Synod. Photo: Ben Rogers

32nd Synod: United in purpose and passion

Enriching dialogue and diversity reigned at the 32nd Synod meeting (20–24 May) while future directions ...

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Adrian Plass; "The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass: Adrian Plass and the Church Weekend" (Hodder & Stoughton). Photo: Supplied.

Adrian Plass: Honest to God

At the tail end of a two-month speaking tour of Australia, Ashley Thompson catches up ...

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40th birthday approaches. Photo: Supplied

7 things to do before we turn 40

Having trouble coping with an upcoming four zero birthday? The Uniting Church in Australia will hit ...

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Rev Dr Anita Monro. Photo: Supplied

Breaking bad biblical bigotry

Using biblical texts to stereotype women does immense damage to society. Rev Dr Anita Monro ...

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Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

Changing the national conversation

As you read this it’ll be one month to go. I’m writing this over two ...

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Edinburgh: a Fairtrade city. Photo: Supplied

Trading fair for the future

One of the appealing characteristics of the Uniting Church is the passion many members have ...

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God Willing (2015) still. Photo property of Palace Films.

Film review: God Willing

There’s a distinctly European flavour to God Willing (Se Dio vuole), the 2015 Italian comedy ...

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Rev Dr David Mackay-Rankin (left) and Rev Dr Geoff Thompson attend Rev Dr Thompson's book launch. Photo: Supplied

Book launch draws together Trinity ties

A book launch for Rev Dr Geoff Thompson’s exploration of the Uniting Church in Australia’s ...

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© 1987 Road Movies GmbH / Argos Films S.A. Bruno Ganz contemplates the angelic life. Photo: Madman Entertainment

Observing the heavenly in humans

Emerging as one of the key voices from the 70s New German Cinema movement, Wim ...

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Anne Wiazemsky. Photo: Supplied.

The Trial of a Country Donkey: Au Hasard Balthazar

Noted for his austere formal style and unique approach to performance, French filmmaker Robert Bresson ...

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