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Nancy Beach

Nancy Beach: Going against the tide

US pastor and author Nancy Beach has gained international recognition for her ministry work transforming ...

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Sin, Jesus, Easter and Atonement

Forgive us our sins

In the 21st century what should Christians make of the concept of “sin”? A long-gone ...

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Rev Kath Behan.

Building faith communities for the future

As the Uniting Church celebrates the 40th anniversary of Australia’s first home-grown church, Journey explores ...

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The Ellinger family (L–R) Chris, Katherine, Charlie and Stacie. Photo: Supplied

Trusting God when it matters most

Moving to a foreign country can be a huge step for anyone but it is ...

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Scott Guyatt & Christian leadership

What do we really mean when we talk about Christian leadership?

You may have heard the phrase “Christian leadership” within church circles. In the Queensland Synod ...

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Easter cartoon

Reconnecting with stories that matter

Phil Day’s cartoon above highlights the juxtaposition the church in many parts of the west ...

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forgotten hymns

5 forgotten hymns to raise the rafters

Favourite hymn Sunday always brings forth musical gems, some long vanished from our contemporary repertoire. ...

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Rev Dr Peter Hobson. Photo: Supplied

Apocalypse now?

Should we still fear the end times as predicted by the Bible? You’ve probably seen ...

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Their Finest

Keep the home fires burning

During the darkest days of World War II, a team of British filmmakers must re-ignite ...

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Coming Back to Earth. Photo: Supplied

Book review: Coming Back to Earth

Jonathan Cornford’s book of essays explores climate change, agriculture, resource decline and how Christianity can ...

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Female focus on Congregational Church

Rev Dr Julia Pitman’s new book Our Principle of Sex Equality explores 15 female ministers ...

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Great books for the summer season.

Five great books for the summer season

As the summer season heats up and you’re relaxing at the beach, poolside or the ...

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