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Ken Ham at the Ark Encounter in North America. Photo was supplied.

Ken Ham: A Queenslander with all the Answers

When it comes to divisive Australian Christians, they don’t get much bigger than Ken Ham. ...

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Dr Val Webb. Photo by Holly Jewell.

Outside the comfort zone with Val Webb

Dianne Jensen talks to Val Webb about keeping the faith in a challenging world. If ...

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(Clockwise), Dr Joan and Rev David Baker; Penny, Dr Amy, Rev Harlee and Sally Cooper; Peter and Rev Jenny Coombes; Ben, Lyndelle, Ellie and Rev Andrew Gunton; Rev Ian and Pam Kerr. Photos were supplied.

The minister’s partner: life beyond the fish bowl

It’s 2016, the working world has changed and “traditional” marriage roles no longer exist. Ashley ...

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Megan Thomson leads RI at Oxley State School in June. Photo by Mardi Lumsden.

Christ in the classroom

Each week hundreds of Christian, Baha’i, Buddhist, Jewish and Muslim volunteers provide religious instruction to ...

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Rev Dr Neil Sims. Photo was supplied.

Revelation: first century speaks to the twenty-first

Much theological debate centres on the apocalyptic and prophetic Book of Revelation but what can ...

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Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

To everything—turn, turn, turn

For anyone interested in the wider world, the windows we have to it each has ...

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Photo of the inside of the Quran.

Looking for peace beyond “Holy War”

For many Australians the word “jihad” means one thing in an age of terrorism, but ...

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Arrow to represent leadership.

Five leadership qualities young people demand

Sure to be a hot topic during the National Young Adult Leaders Conference (8–13 July), ...

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Post-God Nation book cover, author is Roy Williams, publisher is ABC Books, released in 2015.

Make Australia Christian again?

Australia could be reasonably described as a post-Christian nation, and Roy Williams’ Post-God Nation tackles ...

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Rev Dr Geoff Thompson at the recent launch of his book, Trinity Theological Library, Brisbane. Photo by Mardi Lumsden.

Expanded: Rev Dr Geoff Thompson and disturbing the Basis of Union

Here in Queensland to promote his new book, Disturbing Much, Disturbing Many: Theology provoked by ...

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Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bruce Dern in The Hateful Eight. Photo by Roadshow Entertainment.

Tarantino’s violence in a world gone mad

The Hateful Eight may be an R-rated, hard-to-stomach watch for some Christians, but Dr Janice ...

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Rev Dr Geoff Thompson at the recent launch of his book, Trinity Theological Library, Brisbane. Photo by Mardi Lumsden.

Disturbing book launch explores the Basis

Journey sits down with Rev Dr Geoff Thompson to discuss his new book on the ...

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