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About Journey

Journey is an award-winning quarterly magazine published by the Uniting Church in Queensland since 1986. It explores issues of Christian faith, justice, community, culture and contemporary Australian life. In print form, Journey reaches around 27 000 readers from within and beyond the Uniting Church in Queensland. It is distributed to Uniting Churches throughout Queensland as well as our schools, hospitals, aged care facilities and other community services.

JourneyOnline provides an online and multi-media space both for the magazine and stories that are best suited to an online platform. JourneyOnline not only tells stories in words, but also in photo galleries, podcasts and video. With an average of over 2000 unique visitors a month, JourneyOnline is regularly updated with quality content on a range of topics.



  1. Ross Fraser-Smith

    Here We Grow
    I am very proud of all that the Uniting Church is doing in terms of social justice. Well may Jesus, as Leslie Bryant suggests (November Issue), tell the parable of the “Good Muslim”. We should, of course, show love to and dialogue with Muslims. Ellen Degeneres tells us every day to “be kind to each other”. The gospel of Jesus, however, is much more than this.
    Sadly the name of “Christ” was rarely mentioned in the November “Journal”. Rev Orrell Battersby very excitedly described the church planting that is taking place and people are “desperate to see other people coming into a relationship with Christ”. This is exciting and it is obvious that where the supremacy and power of Christ as God is preached and the spiritual, together with the social Gospel, is shared due to the infilling of the Holy Spirit, there is growth.
    Tallebudgera Uniting Church

  2. very good magazine.. thank you

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