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The BIG ACT you MUST do this Easter to really embody Jesus

At the heart of the Easter narrative is a miraculous tale of life after death, ...

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Euthanasia: the debate which won’t die

Now that the subject of euthanasia is back on the national agenda, Dianne Jensen looks ...

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The must-do holiday ideas to revive your spirit

With more and more Christians choosing to visit places of religious significance on their holidays, ...

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Powered by love: how one small church is harnessing diversity to create change

When it comes to revitalising the church, the small congregation of Edmonton Uniting Church in ...

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This is where God wants me to be

Rev Dr Kerry Pierce, the new Presbytery Minister for Central Queensland, shares her thoughts on ...

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The heart of giving

Generously giving to those in need lies at the heart of the Christian ethos. In ...

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Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

Resurrecting peace in a world of violence

As the seasons of the church’s year bring us around again to Easter, we are ...

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Scott Guyatt

Mission Control: a pioneering spirit in the church

You may have heard the term “pioneer” before but do you know what it means ...

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5 hip modern hymns

Looking for contemporary Christian music that everyone can sing to inspire your worship? Journey suggests ...

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Book review: Dear Life

Karen Hitchcock’s Dear Life is a compelling and troubling exploration of Australia’s ageism problem and ...

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Their Finest

Keep the home fires burning

During the darkest days of World War II, a team of British filmmakers must re-ignite ...

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Coming Back to Earth. Photo: Supplied

Book review: Coming Back to Earth

Jonathan Cornford’s book of essays explores climate change, agriculture, resource decline and how Christianity can ...

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