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The 15th Assembly—Grace in abundance, hope liberated

Members of the Uniting Church’s 15th Assembly have returned home to share the news of ...

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The Afterlife: what happens next?

It’s one of our eternal questions with no easy answers: what happens to us after ...

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Deidre’s discipleship

Youth worker, Christian educator, academic, theologian, social worker, counsellor and Moderator: Dr Deidre Palmer has ...

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Kick-starting kids’ ministry

Churches across Queensland are stepping out in faith to explore innovative ways to connect with ...

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Our Father Who Art “Up there”

After encountering online a dilemma from a faithful Christian about finding God, Rodney Eivers explores our perceptions ...

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A time to plant

I recently had the opportunity to join people from around the country at a Uniting ...

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Listen and learn to why they leave

One of the questions I have received from this column relates to the issue of ...

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Synod Scholarship Fund builds critical bridges

Mid-2018 has been focused on securing tax-deductibility for our donors and creating a public fund ...

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5 hip modern hymns

Looking for contemporary Christian music that everyone can sing to inspire your worship? Journey suggests ...

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Book review: Dear Life

Karen Hitchcock’s Dear Life is a compelling and troubling exploration of Australia’s ageism problem and ...

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Their Finest

Keep the home fires burning

During the darkest days of World War II, a team of British filmmakers must re-ignite ...

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Coming Back to Earth. Photo: Supplied

Book review: Coming Back to Earth

Jonathan Cornford’s book of essays explores climate change, agriculture, resource decline and how Christianity can ...

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