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Drought casts a long shadow

Drought is a slow-moving, insidious natural disaster which affects the very heart of community. When ...

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Easter: Hope Starts Here

As the famous quip goes you can be assured of two things in life—death and ...

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6 ways to rediscover the Wonder

From planning a nativity to hosting carols, Uniting churches across Queensland are creating opportunities to ...

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Unwrapping the true wonder of Jesus’ birth

While a great deal of society tends to focus on material “wants” at Christmas, Trinity ...

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Reflections on the Word of God

Does the “way” of Christ and his teachings constitute the authoritative Word of God or ...

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When the Bible says something I don’t like

We have all read some passages in the Bible that make us uncomfortable. Do you ...

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Mission Control: Know

Over the course of 2019, I want to take the opportunity to unpack a simple ...

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The heart of giving: welcome to 2019

I hope all our readers had a blessed Christmas season. It is heart-warming to note ...

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Book review: God is Good for You

While Christianity seems to be on the decline in Australian society, there’s no denying its ...

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The art of preaching without words

This issue introduces the new Journey Q & A focusing on Uniting Church artists and ...

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Out of the ice cave, into the light

Performing artist Hayley Kitchener (stage name Ella K) shared her story at UnitingWomen 2018, captivating ...

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5 hip modern hymns

Looking for contemporary Christian music that everyone can sing to inspire your worship? Journey suggests ...

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