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Vanessa Griffiths and Krishna Stanton, Principal of Raymont Residential College

Assistance with grant applications from Vanessa Griffiths, Synod Fundraising Support Manager

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and content creator

Seventy congregations applied for grants in 2023, and the prospects for 2024 appear even more promising, with 21 applications throughout the first few months of this year.

Vanessa Griffiths serves as the Synod’s Fundraising Support Manager. She has played a role in helping many of these congregations complete the grant application form.

She said enlisting her help is as easy as setting up a Zoom call.

“I will search for funding opportunities and provide a summary of the grant,” she said. “We can then set up a Zoom call to discuss the application and what is required to be submitted. It is always great to have resources within your congregation to help with grant writing.”

Vanessa has been helping congregations complete grant applications since she learned that the process often left them confused and overwhelmed.

Vanessa said that when it comes to the success or failure of a grant application, many applicants tend to force-fit a project into the grant opportunity rather than align the grant opportunity with their projects.

“Congregations need to have a mission plan in place that aligns with the fundraising initiatives they wish to pursue,” she said. “The mission plan acts as the cornerstone; once established, they can consider which projects require funding.”

Collaboration with counterparts in UnitingCare and Wesley Mission has involved sharing ideas and resources and ensuring there is no overlap in their pursuit of the same grant funding.

Vanessa highlighted successful grant applications such as funding for solar panels, freezers for food programs, and ramps to improve building accessibility.

“It’s crucial for the congregation to reach out to me before starting an application so that we can check that all eligibility criteria have been met for the funding stream,” she said. “I also work as part of the Business Development Unit and can give advice on creating a business case for their project. We are here to support Presbyteries and congregations as much as we can.”

Contact Vanessa at vanessa.griffiths@ucaqld.com.au

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