Moderator-elect: leadership is an action, not a position

Moderator-elect Rev David Baker addresses the Queensland Synod. Photo: Holly Jewell

Bremer Brisbane Presbytery Minister Rev David Baker has been elected as Moderator-elect of the Uniting Church in Australia Queensland Synod.

Mr Baker said he is greatly encouraged by the leadership in the life of the Uniting Church.

"My sense of call for this role comes from the voice of the church in the Moggill and Brisbane Valley congregations nominating me, and that being confirmed by the Presbytery.

"It also comes through the hope and heart I have for the life and mission of the church in Queensland in all its expressions"

"My observation of the Uniting Church in Queensland is that we all hold strongly to a value that we are called as church to the whole of the State's life, not only a portion or a sector of it".

Mr Baker notes that leadership is an ongoing journey.

"I believe leadership is an action, not a position, and that in the Uniting Church leadership is an expression of our life together, not solely a position for particular individuals.

"My leadership is about ensuring that I act ethically, and participate wholeheartedly in the roles my church calls me to".

Mr Baker said he believes we live in a time of great challenge and opportunity.

"We are called to understand it and see it clearly, to remember our story, to be equipped to respond to it.

"We have access to a storehouse of those things which are of high value, faith, hope and love".

Mr Baker asks for the prayers of the wider Uniting Church community as he takes up his new appointment as Moderator-elect.

"I am greatly relieved that in the life of this church we work together.

"My hopes for the Synod is that it would continue to grow in finding its hope, its life, and its rest in the faithfulness of its Lord's capacity 'to come, address, and deal with people in and through the news of his completed work' (Basis of Union, para 4)".

Moderator Kaye Ronalds also thanked the other nominees Sharon Kirk and Rev Graham Keech for being willing to offer themselves for the service of the church.

Photo : Moderator-elect Rev David Baker addresses the Queensland Synod. Photo: Holly Jewell