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Assembly website is good news

SOME WEBSITES are visited regularly over a long period of time and others have a short life span for a particular event or period of time.

The 11th Assembly website http://assembly.uca.org.au/11thassembly is up for just another month or two to provide Uniting Church members with a comprehensive collection of information about the Assembly meeting in Brisbane next month.

The site is well designed and easily navigated with full text pdf files of reports, timetables, agendas, proposals and ballot information so Uniting Church members and the general public can access the complete set of papers provided for each of the Assembly members.

The site also includes downloadable resources for local reflection such as God’s Word, God’s World, towards the 11th Assembly, a series of four short studies designed for use as discussion starters for small groups, congregations and faith communities.

For those who want to be even more up-to-date, there is a button to access online subscriptions to the Assembly news services including a headline news alert which will be sent electronically each night during the Assembly and will provide all the news of the day including stories, reports and resolutions.

Uniting Church in Australia members who want to be informed about the detail of the 11th Assembly should bookmark this site now.