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Assembly Standing Committee

ON Saturday 21 July, the results of the previous day's ballot were announced with 18 members chosen to sit on the Assembly Standing Committee (ASC) for the next three years.

Members were drawn from every Synod, representing both the lay and ordained communities and also the youth of the church, with three people under the age of 25 chosen.

Ex-officio members of ASC are Rev Alistair Macrae (ex- President), Rev Prof Andrew Dutney (President), Mr Stuart McMillan (President elect), Rev Terence Corkin (Assembly General Secretary),

Rev Rronang Garrawurra (UAICC Chairperson), and Rev Shayne Blackman (UAICC National Administrator).

The other members chosen for the Standing Committee are:

· Alison Atkinson-Phillips (WA, lay)

· Bethany Broadstock (Vic/Tas, lay, under 25)

· Stu Cameron (Qld, ordained)

· Michelle Cook (Qld, ordained)

· Emma Davison (NSW/ACT, lay, under 25)

· Kate Fraser (Northern, ordained)

· Geoffrey Grinton (Vic/Tas, lay)

· Zac Hatfield Dodds (NSW/ ACT, lay, under 25)

· Andrew Johnson (NSW/ACT, lay)

· Jason Kioa (Vic/Tas, ordained)

· Cheryl Lawson (WA, lay)

· Craig Mitchell (SA, lay)

· Deirdre Palmer (SA, lay)

· Ian Price (SA, ordained)

· Isabel Thomas Dobson (Vic/Tas, lay)

· Ian Tozer (WA, ordained)

· Jan Trengove (SA, lay)

· Jenny Tymms (Northern, ordained)

Rev Glenda Blakefield (Assembly Associate General Secretary), Rev Dr Chris Walker (Theology and Discipleship Consultant) and Synod General Secretaries all have observer status on the ASC.

Please pray for the members of ASC as they take up this important role within the life of our church