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A Moderator with Attitude

Revd Dr David A A Pitman

Rev Dr David Pitman, who will be inducted as Moderator of the Queensland Synod on Friday evening, 9 September, is a man with a mission.

While recognising that there are current issues that he must address during his three years of leadership as Moderator, Dr Pitman is committed to bring a prophetic element that will sometimes confront, critique and challenge the church as well as bringing encouragement or comfort when it is required.

"The Church must constantly be reminded of its primary calling and purpose under the Lordship of Christ, and not least that we are on a journey of faith in the context of a rapidly changing and very challenging society," he said.

"We must always be ready to witness to our love for Christ and our desire to live as he has taught us."

Having begun his professional life as a High School Teacher specialising in English and Geography, Dr Pitman was ordained in 1970 and spent 13 years in parish ministry in SA and four years working amongst Indian people with the Methodist Church in Fiji.

He came to Queensland in 1983 to become Principal of Alcorn College, the then Lay Training Centre for the Uniting Church and, when Alcorn and Trinity Colleges amalgamated, he became a member of the faculty of Trinity College serving as Head of the Department of Ministry and Mission and Director of Field Education.

Dr Pitman served as the Moderator of the Queensland Synod for the first time between 1996-99 and has since served as Superintendent Minister, Wesley Mission Brisbane.

"Affirming our call: Renewing our passion" is the theme set for Synod 2005 by Dr Pitman who will preach on the theme at the opening worship at the Emmanuel College Auditorium in Carrara on Friday, 9 September.

Dr Pitman sees synod as an opportunity for members to sense the moving of the Spirit in the church and be renewed in faith and hope.

"We will diligently fulfil our responsibilities as a Synod but we will also take time to remember and celebrate who we are as the people of God," he said.

Dr Pitman and his wife Marcia have four adult children and seven grandchildren, all of whom live in Queensland.

For relaxation Dr Pitman enjoys fishing, woodturning, gardening, reading, classical music and cooking. 

Dr Pitman has prepared a comprehensive Mission Statement for his time as moderator.  Click here to read the text of his statement.



Photo : Revd Dr David A A Pitman