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More than a single issue

Addressing a gathering of the Reforming Alliance held during the 25th Queensland Synod, Alliance Chairperson Rev Dr Max Champion titled his presentation "More than a single issue".

Dr Champion claimed that while it was easy to see the current controversy in the Uniting Church about homosexuality it is actually about a clash between opposing world views.

"In a post-Christian world where God has been replaced by the thinking self, and where the real person isn’t thought of as the physical, biological reality, but the ‘consciousness’ which resides in a suit of flesh, I am free, in principle, to choose my sexuality," he said.

"Against this stands the unified biblical view that a human being is not only mind or body, but the God-given unity of body-and-mind which includes our specific identity as male or female."

"The structure and purpose of our bodies cannot be separated from the body of doctrine concerning Christ and the Church. Indeed, there is an integral connection between our bodily creation as male and female and the embodiment of God’s love in Jesus and his presence in the ‘Body of Christ’ – the church," he said.