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Uniting Church 25th Queensland Synod meets

Synod Secretary Rev Jenny Tymms

The 25th Synod of the Uniting Church in Queensland will be held at Emmanuel College, Birmingham Road, Carrara from Friday, 9 to Wednesday, 14 September 2005.

The Synod will be attended by 400 ministers and lay leaders from across Queensland. You are invited to attend any of the sessions and celebrations during the synod. A copy of the Order of Business and timetable can be accessed here.

The Synod Celebration and induction of incoming Moderator, Rev Dr David Pitman will be held at Emmanuel College, 7.30pm on Friday, 9 September.

Ms Darcy Elks from the United States, a leading expert on inclusion of people with disabilities, will deliver The Norman and Mary Millar Lecture at 7.30pm on Saturday, 10 September. Ms Elks will call on the Uniting Church in Queensland to develop a more diverse and inclusive church. More information on Ms Elks is available here.

Among many other issues the Synod will be dealing with a new vision for mission for the Uniting Church in Queensland.

What does a Synod do?

The Synod is an important Council of the Church that exercises significant responsibilities outlined in the Uniting Church Basis of Union. The Synod has responsibilities for the direction of the Church’s worship, witness and service in Queensland. Membership of the Synod is appointed by presbyteries and regulations require there be at least as many lay people as ordained ministers.

This year there will be noticeable changes in the way the synod meets. General Secretary of the Queensland Synod Rev Jenny Tymms says, "We will be meeting together in table groups in the plenary sessions and this will enable the Synod to adopt a greater range of ways of dealing with the matters before it. This will allow for ‘table responses’ and spontaneous conversation as well as prayer and small group discussion."

You can monitor Synod progress by accessing daily updates on the Synod website on www.ucaqld.com.au about the celebrations, activities and decisions between 9 and 14 September.

Photo : Synod Secretary Rev Jenny Tymms