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Moderator’s Medals for marvellous church members

Isabelle Kearsley accepts her medal from Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman. Photo by Osker Lau

Eight people have been awarded Moderator’s community service medals at the 26th Synod of the Queensland Uniting Church.

Three of the medal awardees were present at the Synod meeting at Alexandra Headland on Saturday 19 May.

Gloria Malone who has been a volunteer at Blue Care and Lifeline for the past 18 years. Ms Malone was recognised for her work within the community of Warwick including fundraising with the Blue Care Auxiliary, as Chair of Lifeline Warwick and as a driver for Warwick Meals on Wheels. She also volunteers at the Akooramak Home for the Aged in Warwick .

UnitingCare Director Anne Cross said, “Gloria gives of her time and energy unstintingly with a smile and very caring attitude. Her love for God and her fellow man comes through in all she does”.

Isabelle Kearsley has been a member of Rosewood Uniting Church for 40 years. She received a Moderator’s Medal in recognition of her work at Toastmasters including running a group at Borallon Prison for 14 years.

In 1999 Ms Kearsley was the Blue Nurse Citizen of the Year for South East Queensland.

She has also taped lectures and books for visually impaired students for the past 25 years and has volunteered for numerous community organisations.

Ms Cross said, “Isabelle is a remarkable person with so much talent and represents the many unsung heroes of the faith who worship every week in so many of our country congregations.”

The third recipient present at the Synod meeting was Gwenda Spencer. Ms Spencer has worked in the refugee community through a local ecumenical group based at The Gap.

Ms Cross congratulated Ms Spencer on her efforts to settle refugees in Brisbane and to gain better conditions for these people.

“Her quiet, assuring, friendly and yet organised approach is appreciated by those arriving in a country with different traditions to their homeland,” said Ms Cross.

Awardees who were unable to attend the Synod meeting included Claris Burrows, for work with Kalparrin Women’s refuge, Eric Gray of Toowoomba, Judith Hodgkinson of Bundaberg, Molly Shean for her work with Blue Care in Gladstone , and Joy Van de Meene for her work with Crossroads.

The Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman praised the work of these faithful and selfless people.

“We have been encouraged and inspired by stories we have heard today.

“It is wonderful to know that so many men and women of the Uniting Church are serving God in so many ways in the community.”

Photo : Isabelle Kearsley accepts her medal from Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman. Photo by Osker Lau