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Sound recordings available from the 26th Queensland Synod of the Uniting

Sound files available

To hear these recordings either click on the "HERE" link or right click your mouse and choose "Save target as".

Moderator’s report to the Synod: In his opening address to the 26th Synod meeting of the Queensland Synod the Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman highlighted missional leadership, the future of congregations and the Australian political climate as key issues for the church. HERE.

The General Secretary of the Uniting Church Queensland Synod Rev Jenny Tymms presented her report to the 26th Synod on Friday, 18 May. This will be Ms Tymms last report to the Synod as General Secretary. HERE.

Chair of the Theological Education Task Group Mr Rob Leivesley together with Task Group members Rev Carol Bennett and Rev Bruce Johnson presented a report to the 26th Synod proposing major changes in the way the Synod delivers theological education for ministers and lay people. HERE.

Director of UnitingCare Queensland Ms Anne Cross presented the UnitingCare report to the 26th Synod. UnitingCare Queensland is the community service arm of The Uniting Church in Australia (Queensland Synod) and one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit organisations and Queensland’s largest group of care organisations. Last year UnitingCare helped 1 in 5 Queensland families, and employed in excess of 14,000 Queenslanders, with 5,000 engaged in volunteer support activities. HERE.

The Bible Studies address the background themes of the Synod, ‘Proclaiming and Participating in the Reign of God’. Three episodes from the Book of Acts are studies.
They reflect on Jesus’ central place in the reign of God, who participates and how we participate.

Bible Study 1: Rev Dr Geoff Thompson: Acts 2:14-24; 29-36. What is central to the proclamation of the reign of God? HERE

Bible Study 2 Rev Glenis Johnson: Acts 10:1-11;18.  Who can be part of the reign of God – The conversion of Cornelius HERE.

Bible Study 3 Rev Andrew Gunton: Acts 15:1-21.  How we participate in the reign of God. HERE.

On the Sunday morning at Synod the Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman preached.  The readings were Hebrews 12:1-3, Philippians 3:7-16 and Mark 10:32-34.  It will aid in listening to this sermon if you read the Bible passages first. (This file is 15 minutes 45 seconds)  HERE.

Rev Bruce Johnson currently minister of Broadwater Road Uniting Church in Mansfield, Brisbane was elected by the 26th Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church to be its next Moderator. Hear the Moderator-Elect’s acceptance speach HERE.

The Director of the Department for Financial and Property Services Mr Bruce Binnie presented his final report before his retirement to the 26th Synod and included a tribute to the retiring General Manager for the Uniting Church Investment Service (U.C.I.S.) Mr Ian Hayes.  Hear this report HERE.

General Secretary of the Queensland Synod Rev Jenny Tymms preached at the closing service of the Synod.  Ms Tymms will be concluding her term as General Secretary at the end of July.  The Bible readings were John 1:10-14, 16 and Romans 8:18-28.  You can hear Ms Tymms sermon HERE.


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