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Bible study inspires action

UNITING CHURCH President Rev Alistair Macrae presented three Bible studies at the Queensland Synod.

From looking at the renewal of baptism to the Beatitudes and the risks God’s people have taken to follow their call Mr Macrae encouraged those present to listen and explore their calling in life.

He said in the Beatitudes Jesus describes where blessing can be found.

“With Christ we are more than enough for the mission in which he has called us.

“The financial crisis in this Synod could be the best thing that has happened to us.”

He said he had found three definitions of the church that he had connected with recently:
• The mission of the church is to create analogies to the kingdom of God.
• The mission of the Church is to reveal to the world its horizon
• The Church is God’s pilot project for the world.

“There are no easy answers,” he said, “just the call to follow and trust.”

He looked at the risk Abraham and Sarah took to leave the city and take off on a journey and reminded members that Abraham and Sarah were then about the same age as the average Uniting Church member.

See 28th Synod updates or follow the link below to listen to the audio files.

Bible Study audio and powerpoint slides