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Different households of the one family

Queensland Synod Moderator, Rev Kaye Ronalds. Photo: Holly Jewell

On the first full day of business at the 30th Synod Moderator, Rev Kaye Ronalds, reflected on the first half of her journey as Moderator.

Ms Ronalds said her position as Moderator has enabled her to partake in many events and celebrations amongst the life of the church in Queensland.

"The Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations gave me the opportunity to gather with people from all walks of life across Queensland and I hold this event very close to my heart," she said.

"There have been various openings, dedications, centenaries and all kinds of opportunities to gather with the church family when it is in a celebration mode.

"These kinds of events are not just about having a good time, but they are about networking and learning about other parts of our community and they are life-changing and transforming."

Ms Ronalds said it is an act of stewardship for congregations to look at the properties in their local region and evaluate how to optimise this space.

"There have been a few property developments such as the new community centre at Forest Lake.

"This has come about as revenue has come from a number of different places as the population shifts, thus enabling us to cater for the outer edges of Brisbane."

Ms Ronalds said these various engagements with the wider life of the church have given her perspective and there have been a few milestones along the way.

Ms Ronalds noted recent census statistics revealed more than 270 000 people identify as being a part of the Uniting Church.

"There are an estimated 20 000 students who attend a Uniting Church college or school.

"There are 8000 volunteers who collectively give thousands of hours every year to the ministry and life of the Uniting Church.

"There are also 270 ministry agents offering chaplaincy within the Uniting Church.

"A large majority of local congregations, schools and agencies all have their own mission statement.

"Wouldn't it be great if by the year 2020 everyone had the same Call and Vision, as we all unite?"

Ms Ronalds commented that there is always space and room for improvement.

"Being a part of the Uniting Church is in many ways a mixed blessing.

"The way we are structured means that our interrelated councils really need to listen each other.

"It's a bit like different households of the one family.

"It's the stretch of experience that we share together that enriches us all.

"We need not be shy about who we are and invite people to become disciples on our journey.

"We need to be always uniting in Christ, acting with love, living with hope, witness in faith and working for justice."

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Photo : Queensland Synod Moderator, Rev Kaye Ronalds. Photo: Holly Jewell