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A new Eden at Parkview

Director of Eden in Oz and NZ (EiON) Cathy Meyer (left) hands Parkview Director of Nursing Annie Gibney the official plaque. Photo by Aileen Wallace
Wesley Mission Brisbane’s (WMB) newest aged-care community, Parkview, has successfully achieved registration in the Eden Alternative which is a caring philosophy of person-directed care.

Parkview, in Brisbane’s northern suburb Chermside, is now the only Eden Alternative registered aged-care community in the Brisbane metropolitan area.

In Australia, the Eden Alternative believes in challenging the norms in aged care and focuses on facilities as homes which actively promote health and wellbeing by empowering residents, staff, families and other stakeholders to provide a better life for residents.

WMB has been registered with Eden for the past eight years and believes that living a positive and healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, is important when the human body begins to age.

Parkview’s Leisure and Lifestyle coordinator Kay Craw is a passionate advocate for Eden.

“It is incredibly rewarding to spend time with the residents and to see them happy and unfurling in this environment,” she said. “The Eden philosophy has given a name and a structure to what I have always felt is the way people should be treated.

“With Eden it isn’t about the destination, it is all about the journey, about every day, the small things that make life rich and rewarding,” said Ms Craw.

And the journey has been extremely successful for Parkview with residents, staff, families and visitors all enjoying the space.

“It is all about making a positive difference for the residents and their families,” said Ms Craw. “You don’t stop living the Eden philosophy when you leave work.

“The respect and honour you show the residents is something you carry into all relationships. It is an inspiring philosophy.”

Maintaining a sense of community, decision making, socialising and living as normal a life as possible are all things that can contribute to maintaining an optimistic and enriching lifestyle.

The Eden philosophy supports the need to include these significant factors in the lives of aged care residents.

WMB and Parkview assist residents to continue maintaining their own lives as much as possible, even though they are living in and supported by an aged-care community.

Parkview staff describe their main focus as making the residents feel safe, cared for and happy. In alignment with the Eden philosophy they honour and respect residents’ needs and values and always remember they are visitors in the residents’ homes.

The Eden philosophy was even embraced when the building was being designed with future residents being asked for input and to share their views and needs for comfort.

Some of the suggestions that were implemented included increased light, a place to sit and talk with family and friends, their own quiet room with plenty of privacy and a spacious environment.

Christina Murphy is a school student doing work experience with WMB

Photo : Director of Eden in Oz and NZ (EiON) Cathy Meyer (left) hands Parkview Director of Nursing Annie Gibney the official plaque. Photo by Aileen Wallace