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At-risk youth finds new goal

AFTER GROWING up in a violent family and moving in and out of foster care, at the age of 14 all Tina (not her real name)
wanted was a house to live in with her brother and sister.

Now, she has her sights set on bigger things.

She wants to work with at risk youth.

“I’m doing my diploma in youth work and then I’ll do a degree in human services,” she said.

“I’d like to be a youth worker in a residential setting before applying for the police and getting into crime prevention.

“If you’re going to whinge about a system then you need to go in and change it,” she said.

Through Logan Youth Foyer, a service of Wesley Mission Brisbane, Tina was able to access support and stable accommodation provided for homeless or at risk of homelessness youth, where homelessness is compromising education or training.

“I want to work in residential because of my experiences with Logan Youth Foyer.

“It kind of gets people who fall through the cracks,” she said.

She said meeting police who dealt well with youth inspired her.

“Instead of looking at a behaviour and giving a consequence they looked behind the behaviour at what’s affecting people and what to do to change it.

“Some of my youth workers have been great role models and never gave up on me.

It made me feel I shouldn’t give up either.”

Photo : Tina sets her sights on new goals. Photo by Scott Mackinnon