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Celebrate Blue Care Sunday

BLUE Care Sunday will be held in Uniting Churches across Queensland to celebrate the Church's establishment of and on-going commitment to community services.

Blue Care Director of Mission Rev Heather den Houting is encouraging congregations to incorporate appropriate aspects of thanksgiving and prayer into their worship services on 26 August, Blue Care Sunday.

"Blue Care is part of the network of UnitingCare Queensland agencies and provides quality and compassionate care to more than 12,500 people every day of the year," Ms den Houting said.

"Many of Blue Care's vital services began as a missional outreach of the Church."

How to get involved:

Ask a Blue Care representative to speak: Your local Blue Care Service Manager, chaplain or nominated staff member can explain how Blue Care started in your community, and about the range of caring services which continue to be provided, based on the compassion of Christ.

Ask a family who receives Blue Care services to share their story: Every day Blue Care assists older people, those with a disability and others in need through nursing, allied health, palliative care, respite, social support, domestic assistance, retirement living and volunteer services. Members of your congregation may like to describe how Blue Care has made a difference to them.

Ask a Blue Care auxiliary or committee member to speak: Your congregation may have members of the local Blue Care auxiliary or committee who support Blue Care services. Ask them to share the reasons why they serve the Uniting Church in this way.

Visit the Blue Care Website – www.bluecare.org.au: Resources for Blue Care Sunday are listed under News and Events.

For more information contact Blue Care Marketing on 1800 001 953 or visit http://www.bluecare.org.au/Our-Community/Blue-Care-Sunday.aspx