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Somerville welcomes new Head of Boarding

Somerville House Head of Boarding, Pamela Hodgetts. Photo by Greg Gardner.

THIS year Somerville House boarders have welcomed a new Head of Boarding, Pamela Hodgetts, following the retirement of Alayne McDougall.

Ms Hodgetts is not new to Somerville House, having been a Somerville House student and Boarding Mistress, and has
more than 25 years of boarding experience in both girls' and boys' schools, including Head of Boarding at another Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) girls' school.

While attending Somerville House as a day student, Ms Hodgetts appreciated the pivotal role boarders played in the life
and traditions of the school.

"Students in schools are often referred to as the heartbeat, but I often feel that boarders are the pulse.

They add such vibrancy," Ms Hodgetts said.

"Boarders keep the traditions.

They are the ones who know every nook and cranny, and often have very different and sometimes stronger memories of
their days at Somerville House as their home for such important years of their lives," she said.

"Through the years I have learnt that working in boarding and looking after young people who have been entrusted to us
by their parents, is an absolute privilege and one that must not be taken lightly," she said.

Somerville House Principal, Florence Kearney, shares Ms Hodgetts' commitment and approach to boarding.

"My approach to boarding is about providing a safe, supportive, nurturing environment for our girls, which resembles that which parents would provide in their own homes," Ms Kearney said.

This strong commitment to girls' education, academic excellence and to Christian leadership and pastoral care aligns closely with the mission of Somerville House.

Somerville House is a Prep to Year 12 PMSA girls' school in South Brisbane with boarding available from years seven to 12.

For more information visit www.somerville.qld.edu.au.

Photo : Somerville House Head of Boarding, Pamela Hodgetts. Photo by Greg Gardner.