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100+ Games Quizzes and Icebreakers

Monarch Books 2008

RRP $24.95

Linda Hanson enjoys word games and is currently on Maternity Leave from her placement at Cooroy Pomona Uniting Church .

 As a minister and former teacher I love using games.

They are great for filling in time at school, especially when relief teaching.

They also are good way to break the ice in new situations, like when used as placemats at a dinner.

So as someone familiar with puzzles, I can see that many of the puzzles used in the book are not new.

Many readers will have been emailed the one about finding the 15 hidden Bible books and puzzles on things like the 12 Days of Christmas.

However what is good about this book is having all these puzzles in one place.

I may have copies of them at home, but until now they were scattered on scraps of paper in all different files.

Buying the book also gives you the photocopy rights to the puzzles.

It will save a lot of time scoring the internet for ideas!

The book begins with pencil and paper games and moves to verbal games, musical games and more active games.

The last section of the book consists of ideas for entertainment which guests might enjoy while taking a break from active participation.

Many of the quizzes are biblically based and nearly all are suitable for church functions.

Most are suitable for small and large groups and can be completed individually, in pairs or groups.

Naturally answers to all the puzzles are provided.

Even though the book is American, it is still very fitting for an Australian audience.

So as Christmas approaches I’ll share with you some songs for Christmas listed in the book: Far off in the a feeder, Monarchical triad, Nocturnal observation by ovine guardians, Delight for this planet, Nocturnal noiselessness, Give attention for the melodious beings and Past happening in town of former monarch.


Far off in the a feeder                                     Away in a manger

Monarchical triad                                           We three kings

Nocturnal observation by ovine guardians     While shepherds watched

Delight for this planet                                     Joy to the world

Nocturnal noiselessness                                  Silent night

Give attention for the melodious beings         Hark the herald angels sing

Past happening in town of former monarch    Once in royal David’s city