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666 and all that: The Truth about the Future

Aquila Press
RRP $19.95

If you have ever been troubled by friends casually discussing postmillennial eschatology or afraid to venture into the book of Revelation because “it’s just too scary” then 666 and all That is a book to take your fears away.

John Dickson and Greg Clarke strip away the technical jargon and the caricatures of the end times to leave us with a simple and powerful message of hope.

The authors explore the topic of the future to come from a clear biblical perspective, running through themes of Christ’s return, death, judgement and heaven. As central threads they explain how we should respond to the Bible’s vision for the future and how we are to read the Bible – not getting caught up trying to find hidden meanings in the symbols but reading passages aware of their style and intent.

666 and all That serves as a calm and most satisfactory introduction to what, as Christians, we can be looking forward to. In this the book will be most useful to those who may have heard of terminology such as ‘the rapture’ or ‘Christian Zionism’ but aren’t sure what they refer to or their place in Christian thought.

That being said, the authors do not dwell on defining terms or human philosophy but return always to what the Bible says about the topic.

The only irritating aspect of the book was the use of sometimes extensive endnotes to explain ideas or discuss sideline issues. The flipping backwards and forwards could have been solved by using footnotes instead.

As a stepping stone to reading the biblical texts regarding the days to come 666 and all That works wonders, encouraging readers to look further into scripture without the baggage of strange symbolism and its often confusing and misguided interpretation. The message of the book remains, have hope; know that Christ is coming.

Reviewed by Stephen Rae