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A 30 Day Retreat: A personal guide to spiritual renewal

Paulist Press,


RRP $27.95

Reviewed by Barbara Bailey.

A 30 DAY Retreat is a rich resource for those who seek a deeper spirituality; those who are prepared to find a quiet place and listen to the voice of the Triune God as it comes through scripture and prayer, meditation and reflection.

This guide is a treasure chest of experience and imagination presented in such a way that anyone can participate and feel

The writer leads the reader through some of the well loved Gospel stories and through a deep reflection of a few of Paul’s

Father Mills writes with warm and engaging words showing he lives in the real world full of the distractions of everyday life
such as the challenges of rearing children and paying mortgages.

He leads the reader to take time out to reflect and discern, to focus on the important amid the distractions.

His method of slow meditative reflection follows the thought that reading less is more.

There are 30 sections for the month cycle each ending with a section which offers further reading, reflection and questions.

A 30 Day Retreat is suitable for individual study but is also highly recommended for small group studies.