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A clearing season: reflections for Lent

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I recommend Sarah Parsons’ book A clearing season: reflections for Lent for all those wanting to be refreshed in their faith this Easter. I did not do it justice by skim reading it in a week. I look forward to Lent when I will revisit the book and read it as it is meant to be read.

As the title suggests the book is about clearing time to be with God.

Ms Parsons invites us to journey with her through the wilderness and find a clearing space where we can be with God.
As with many Lenten traditions we are encouraged to either give up something for Lent (like watching TV) or add a spiritual discipline to our regime (such as journaling).

And in that space over the weeks we will look at the rhythms of our life and explore opportunities for new growth.
As you read the book you are invited to join the conversation.

The book doesn’t concentrate on the penitential nature of Lent and avoids a legalistic approach to Lenten study. Instead Parsons presents us with a grace filled tool for exploring our imperfections.

We are invited to join with the author in conversation as we explore our relationship with God.

We are invited to look at what obstructs us from closeness with God and to journey with God down a road that will lead us much closer to the love that gives us life, whose triumph we celebrate on Easter morning.

As a Young Adult I found the book relevant and authentic and would recommend the book to other young adults and to people of all ages.

The study can be used individually or in small groups. It is well worth the $20 investment.

Reviewed by Linda Hansen, a Minister of the Word in the Gympie area