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A Faith To Live By

Self-published 2012

Reviewed by Linda Hanson.

A Faith To Live By is an interesting book.

Rev Bill Adams shares his thoughts about faith in a booklet format.

The book is divided into eight chapters each with a different characteristic of faith. After each chapter is a page of questions which the reader could use for their personal reflection or the booklet could be used as a basis for group study.

The book is appropriate for all Christians – those new to faith and those who have been around awhile.

The booklet-type presentation belies the depth and insight into the topic of faith.

I especially liked Mr Adams' easy-reading conversational style.

He makes good use of his own story as well as other illustrations.

Each chapter in some ways is like a well-presented sermon.

Mr Adams also makes good use of other texts from great Christian minds like Augustine.

The book covers aspects of faith like joy and holiness as well as giving the reader confidence that God is with you.

Mr Adams encourages the reader to consider all the data in relation to faith and looks at the need for connection in our faith and to be centred in Christ. As faith can be challenging so is Mr Adams, as he calls us to use the faith that empowers and to be agents of change.