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A Spacious Place- Contemplating the Second Half of Life

The Bible Reading Fellowship

2012, RRP $15.95

Review by Rev [retired] Anneli Sinkko [MPhil], Buderim Uniting Church.

When I asked for this book to be reviewed I was thinking that I myself am in the second half of life.

But, shock and horror – I was well past it. However, when I started to read it, and I must tell you that it is almost an autobiography, I could relate to many matters concerning children who leave home and return, changing jobs, looking for work during late adulthood – and most importantly – finding one self.

And that is the area the author excels. And she does it such a subtle way. You read about her every day joys of gardening, writing and being married to a wonderful man and you also become involved with her struggles with moving, finding work, being rejected and getting old … you become engaged in her life … and all of the sudden; she presents the reader with an earthshattering questions.

These self- examinations by the author – they brought me to a point where I needed to examine myself. Questions like 'what do I want'; 'are my plans same as God's plans for me'; and many others brought me all of the sudden into reality of myself!

Who am I?

This is a very helpful book, not only to those who are in their second half of life, not only to women, but to all who seek deeper meaning in our human life and greater understanding of the divine.