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Be Not Afraid: I Go Before You

Currach Press


RRP $31.99

Reviewed by Wendy Scott, Kenmore Uniting Church elder.

This is a compassionate book about grieving.

There are 50 short stories from the recently bereaved, telling of the person they lost, how their life has changed, what helped, and how they coped.

The stories are separated into chapters about parents, partners, children, and friends.

There is also a section on the stages of grieving and how to get through them, as well as how to lead a life that is well-lived and well-focused.

The section at the back on reflections is beautiful. There are quotes from Steve Jobs, Mahatma Ghandi and Nelson Mandela, and psalms, prayers and poetry.

The author and editor is a business management consultant. She uses these skills to lift the hurting into a place of celebration of life and love, and a renewal.

The presentation of the book is logical and it is written in very accessible language that brings comfort and hope.

This was an uplifting book that would be ideal for people supporting the bereaved, as well as those who have been bereaved recently but are not still in the first three months of grieving.