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Bedtime Stories for Little Angels

Lion Children’s, 2009

RRP $19.95


Reviewed by John Ruhle, minister at The Gap Uniting Church


Bedtime Stories for Little Angels is a collection of 10 “delightful stories of mirth and mischief which will bring every little angel’s day to a perfect ending” and bring sweet dreams. 

I read the stories with my three, five and seven-year-old girls and it was the older two girls who were most interested in the book.

Each short story contains a learning experience for the little ones who are listening.

There are stories based on friendship, sharing and not being afraid of what is under the bed, just to name a few. 

Each story is accompanied by cute pastel drawings that really add to the whole reading experience. 

Bedtime Stories for Little Angels would be suitable for both boys and girls. 

As the book contains stories that are not just entertaining but also stories that teach a little lesson it would also be suitable for toddlers and children even up to the age of ten years. 

The book is a part of a series which also includes Prayers for Little Angels and Christmas Stories for Little Angels.