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Bible Bites: 365 Devotions for Aussie Families

Anglican Youthworks, July 2010
RRP $16.95

Reviewed by Bevan Lobley who has a young family and is very interested in finding ways for families to grow in their faith together.

As I began to read this book, I  realised that the only real way to review it was to go through several of the devotions with my family and gauge their reaction.

My first impression was that this could be a very good tool for families as they try to find ways to come together and share something of their faith.

Ms Lindsay has a big emphasis on knowing Bible verses and where they come from.

People will have their own ideas about that, but there is no mistaking that she uses some great ideas and resources to make the time the family spends together fun as well as learning.

Our kids are really enjoying these times together and have even asked us when the next one will be. With popping balloons, chocolate games and much more, learning a Bible verse has never been more fun.

There are verses to learn, reading with some thoughts and questions for the family to delve into the meaning, the activities of course and either a prayer to say or some ideas on what to pray for.

I think it can be used as is or you could pull out bits and pieces and structure your own devotions from this book.

It has been designed to be used each day of the year but could also be used a couple times a week or whatever frequency your family find they can come together for devotions.

Some of it is repetitive which was a bit of a downer for our kids, but they are still enjoying doing these devotions and their recommendation far outweighs anything I could say.