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Bible stories for Little Angels

Illustrated by Dubravaka Kolanovic
Lion Hudson, 2010
RRP $19.99

Reviewed by Linda Hanson, a mother of three and has a wide collection of children’s books.

At first glance this is a beautiful book. The illustrations are lovely and the title enticing. I thought my little angels would love it. The title and hard padded cover of this book suggested to me that this book was aimed at toddlers and babies, but on closer inspection I am not so sure.

The book contains stories from Adam and Eve to the death of Christ. Each story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations. The text is in large print, which is great for younger readers, but the large amount of text on each page would be too much for babies and toddlers. So I am not sure what age the book is for.

My 4 year old liked the look of the book and even though the stories are written well using a child friendly language, there is too much text on each page for it to be a good reading book. The amount of text would be suitable for my seven year old, but the pictures and style of book make it too young for her.

There are a lot of good bible based books on the market, but for the price this isn’t one of them. I think I’ll give it to my niece.