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Brother Roger of Taize: Essential Writings

Orbis Books, 2006
RRP $26.95

I have been drawn, through their music, to the deep yet simple spirituality of the community of Taize.
Although I have not been fortunate enough to go to the home community in France I have had several opportunities to experience the peace and wisdom of the community here in Australia.
Brother Roger of Taize dedicated his life to an ecumenical ministry of reconciliation. As founder of the Taize community, he brought together brothers from across the world and from different Christian denominations who then created a place that welcomed people into a community of simplicity and love.
In this book, Marcello Fidanzio has assembled a selection of Brother Roger’s writings from various times in his life until his death in 2005.
These short reflections and stories are gathered around topics such as Community; Listening with the Heart; At the Sources of Faith; and Love and Say it with Your Life.
They reflect Brother Roger’s commitment to write simply, and with no more words than necessary to go right to the heart of what he wished to communicate.
Essential Writings not only gives the reader an insight into the ministry of Brother Roger of Taize, but is also a good resource for personal and small group reflection.

Reviewed by Karyl Davison