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C.S. Lewis on the Fullness of Life – Longing for Deep Heaven

Paulist Press, New York, Mahwah, NJ 2009
RRP: $ 29.95

Reviewed by Rev Anneli Sinkko, a retired Uniting Church minister in Rockhampton.

When I started to read C. S. Lewis on the Fullness of Life it took me some time to divorce myself from the image of an old bus puffing towards Deep Heaven – the bus being the transport used by C. S. Lewis in his book The Great Divorce.

But, lo and behold, I was caught up in the author’s journey.

No longer was I on a bus, but now I was travelling on Ezekiel’s heavenly wheeled chariots.

The author shares with the reader his tour of discovery.

In it he quite honestly admits that because he didn’t know, he had to find out.

It is this genuine search for answers that makes the journey so exhilarating.

He takes us into the depths of divine mystery; he explains so beautifully the agony of God; he explains the forgiveness so well; he teaches us how to seek traces of the divine and he sings of the grace of the Eucharist.

And then he dropped me from my chariot!

The resurrection appearances, the absolutely glory and certainty of ascension – they somehow lacked the enthusiasm of the previous chapters.

Perhaps I was just tired – you have to make up your own mind.

But his saving grace remained: the prayers, meditations and questions he presents to the reader are in themselves worth contemplation again and again.

After reading his book I must say that the author has brought me closer to my Lord and almost a shouting distance from the Deep Heaven.