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Car Park Parables – Old Mr T and Friends

Animated DVD
RRP $9.95

Reviewed by John Ruhle.

Car Park Parables is a collection of Jesus’ parables but based around cars in a car park – the Westbrook Church car park to be exact.

This new resource, released July, uses humour, a creative flair and cars to engage children and adults alike in some of Jesus’ most famous parables.

The series begins with an introduction to the characters and setting. Old Mr T acts as teacher and guide for the collection of cars in the car park.

Children will enjoy getting to know Harry Holden, Freida Ford, Trevor Truck and the other characters as they take on a life of their own through the story and still photography animation.

Parables retold include Trevor Truck starring in The Prodigal Pick-up, Freida Ford reminding Harry Holden that not all Fords are bad in The Good Ford and Harley doing what Harley’s do best in The Missing Motorcycle.

The DVD finishes not with a parable that Jesus told but with the author’s take on how baptism can be understood through the eyes of a child and the use of cars, in Issi’s Baptism – a great story of only five minutes that I have used during a baptism service with really positive feedback.

Car Park Parables really is a unique and creative response to telling the stories of Jesus.

However, I do disagree with the blurb where it says that the DVD will “delight boys and girls of all ages”.

Having used some of the DVD’s in public worship I think that the DVD will delight boys and girls and men and woman of all ages.

Available from www.mosaicresources.com.au