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Children’s Bible (NRSV)

Abingdon 2006,
RRP  $34.95

Reviewed by Barbara Bailey.

THIS WELL-presented hardcover Children’s Bible has a massive 1500 pages plus colour plates and maps.

While it is difficult to guess at what age a child could appreciate this I suggest children from the age of six to adults would value this volume.

There are two full colour sections, positioned before the Old Testament and again before the New Testament.

In the first there is a Presentation page followed by appealing figure drawings which map out a timeline from Creation to the Gospels, then pages illustrating a Temple Cutaway, a map of Jerusalem in the time of Jesus, and a double page cleverly illustrating prayer stances.

The second set of colour plates shows drawings of items mentioned such as the lyre, and the high priest’s breastplate.

A contemporary Lord’s Prayer and Beatitudes follow, then an interesting double page of lesser known biblical folk and finally an explanatory map of the flow of the Christian year.

At the end of the Bible is a series of maps.

Another significant feature throughout this Children’s Bible is the icon legend.

These square blue icons come with four defi nitions: God’s Path, Finding the Path; Light on the Path; Points along
the Path.

To add to the reader’s understanding is a dictionary of four hundred words at the back of the Bible.

The cover has a print of the painting The Promise based on the story of Noah.

The font in this edition is easy to read.

I would highly recommend this publication.

It would make an excellent gift for any child or teenager.