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Christ in Evolution

Orbis Books, New York.
RRP $28.95

Wow! This book is a page turner! Despite being very dense and somewhat daunting to read – given the smallness of the text size and also the depth and sensitivity of the topic – the book opens up a whole new understanding of Christ in Evolution.

A brief discourse is given on ‘Evolution, Christ and Consciousness’ before a history of Christ is offered. Theological content is then provided through looking at the theological perspectives of Franciscan Cosmic Christology; Teilhard de Chardin: The Christic Universe; Raimon Pannikar and the Unknown Christ; and Thomas Merton and Bede Griffiths: The Transcultural Christ.

Ilia then gives the theology ‘legs’ by indicating how this makes us ‘Co-creators in Christ’ and what the possible implications are for ‘technology’ and a thought process that maybe a little out there, ‘extraterrestrial life.’

Reading the chapter on technology and the evolution of “techno-sapiens” (sounds like a dance party) took on a whole new meaning for me as I watched my six year old type a story on the PC and then use Google images to cut and paste pictures into her story!

Christ in Evolution presupposes the science of evolution and seeks to find meaning for Christ in Evolution. Rather than refute the idea of evolution the book seeks to open up an understanding where “….evolution is….Darwin’s gift to Christology.” Ilia emphasis that Christ is the creator of creation, the goal of creation and the centre of creation.

The book seeks to unpack a new understanding where Christ is not a static figure in history but the dynamic “divine creative power that has been present from the beginning.” A dynamic power that invites us into the creative process of bringing the world to its ultimate goal in Jesus Christ.

Reviewed by John Ruhle