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Christian Weddings: Resources to Make your Ceremony Unique

Abingdon Press, 2008
RRP $29.95
A Book and CD “The essential resource for planning your wedding just got better!”
The book suggests that since its first publication, it has become a necessary tool for both engaged couples and pastors.
The CD – I was actually unable to access the information on the CD.
The CD is not a standard sized CD, therefore I was unable to pop it into the side of my Mac and with the PC, because the disc drive is vertical, the CD fell out and when I tried to hold it in place the drive rejected it!
The CD apparently provides; Wedding Service Planner, Wedding Planning Questionnaire and Sample Wedding Bulletin.
The book is made up of 20 chapters that looks at each part of the marriage service from Gathering to Introduction of the couple.
The introduction is about how to make the ceremony unique – which probably stretches what the introduction actually is. The introduction basically provides some history and tips that are not actually out of the box.
Each chapter provides a selection of liturgies from various denominational resources including Uniting in Worship – would have hoped that as the book is fairly new UIW2 would have been a better resource to access.
All this said it is a good little resource and provides some options of liturgy.

Reviewed by Susan Pickering minister with the Trinity Wilston Uniting Church