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Sherwood Pictures,
2011, Rated PG

Reviewed by Tara Burton.

SHERWOOD PICTURES’ latest release Courageous is an uplifting story about family, mateship and fatherhood.

Set in Georgia, USA, the local police force are battling crime and gangs.

A group of five friends (four of whom are deputies in the local police) are all struggling with life’s trials and tribulations.

When tragedy strikes Adam Mitchell’s (Alex Kendrick) life the men’s friendship intensifies as they each come to the
realisation they all need to become better fathers.

To celebrate this pledge a “resolution” is drawn up to illustrate their commitment to honouring God and their families.

The men slowly start to mend the broken relationships that exist

within their families and, due to their dedication to the resolution, their lives and family life continue to improve.

The film concludes with a Father’s Day church service as they urge fellow fathers in their congregation to step up and
influence their families in the name of God.

Written from a Christian perspective Courageous is a remarkable film for all audiences and ages.

There is a strong emphasis on faith, church and the importance of the Bible, however I feel that Courageous would also
interest those who may not be religious.

The storyline was real and relatable.

It is the type of film that will make you want to go home and hug your dad.

Step up “men with courage” and take your family or church group to see Courageous.