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Cranky the Crocodile

Black Ink Press, 2009,

RRP $17

Reviewed by the Ruhle family.

CRANKY THE Crocodile is a great kid’s book written and illustrated by an Indigenous man from ‘crocodile country’ in far north Queensland.

The book tells the story of Cranky trying to find his mother after he became lost once he left his egg.

Through unique illustrations and repetitive text children are able to follow or read the story themselves as Cranky meets with all types of native Australian animals.

I read the story with my 4, 7 and 8-year-old girls and it was really the youngest one who was most interested in the book.

Miss Four said: “I liked it when the baby crocodile said, ‘Are you my Mummy?’.

I liked the story and I liked the picture when he found his mother.”

Miss Seven said: “It was a bit of a baby book.

If I was a bit younger I would have liked it more.

I liked the pictures of native Australian animals.”

Miss Eight said: “I think the storyline of the book is very similar to Clifford’s Chick” (a Clifford the Big Red Dog book).

I liked the pictures though!”

It would be interesting to hear a little boy’s perspective as well.