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Creating With God


Paraclete Press, 2011

RRP $25.95


Reviewed by Wendy Scott, a member of Kenmore Uniting Church.


SARAH Jobe is an ordained minister who is a prison chaplain and mother of two girls.


She is definitely not an earth mother and does not pull punches when describing labour, morning sickness and the risks involved in bringing a new life into the world.

Ms Jobe quotes heavily from the scriptures, all in context. 

This is truly a new way of looking of looking at pregnancy and birth.

Creating With God is an affirming book that encourages and inspires women in their most important task of of co-creating with God. 

It is not a book similar to what to expect when you are expecting, definitely about spiritually giving birth to a better person and family.

This 182 page paperback would be good reading for parents to be or friends and family.

As a new grandparent I found it quite inspiring.