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Daily Companion Bible (Common English Bible)



AS our current society is all about choice, it is understandable that our Bibles are presented to us in a variety of ways: the content of scripture is the same but the packaging and extras are varied.

This version, published in 2011 is the Common English Daily Companion Bible.

The intent of the editors is to present a publication which allows the reader to explore the Bible in a year, yet it is not only divided into daily reflections but offers the Bible in the usual progression of books in a versatile two part format.

Part One offers an Introduction, User Guide, Daily reflections based on the books of the Bible or Daily reflections by topic.

So there are 52 weeks of weekday reflections (allowing for weekend choice) and Classic Spiritual Practices.

Then there are additional reading plans for thirty days, a way to read the New Testament in ninety days or the whole Bible in a year. This is followed by a topical index.

Part Two is the full text of the Common English Bible.

In the daily reflections, the reader progresses through the chosen scriptures, editorial comment, questions for reflections, prayer and a space is provided for reflection notes.

A small group guide is also provided.

This publication allows for cross referencing so reading can be tailored to a particular topic.

It has eight full colour maps from the National Geographic, two ribbon markers, nine point type on Indian paper and a presentation page.

It is bound in soft eco-leather which is comfortable to hold.

The editors say it is a "fresh translation to touch the heart and mind".

Its versatility is quite amazing.

Highly recommended.