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Dave the Donkey: An Easter Story

By Andrew McDonough
Lost Sheep Resources, 2008
RRP $7.95

Linda Hanson worships at Pomona Uniting Church and is always looking for good children’s books to use in worship.

Dave the Donkey is one of best Christian children’s books I have read for a while and it is one children and adults alike will enjoy.

The plot is simple, but effective and written using language suitable for children.

The cartoon pictures of the animals are very funny and are great (for kids and adults).

The story begins with Dave telling his Grandpa how he carried the king into Jerusalem.

Grandpa then tells Dave what happened next.

The story takes us full circle through Jesus life, with a reference at the end to the role of Grandpa in the Christmas story.

I recommend this book as a resource for ministers for use in church, RE and kids clubs and for parents and grandparents to read to their children.

Dave the Donkey gets a big thumbs up from my kids.