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Destiny: What’s Life All About?

Monarch Books
RRP $19.95

The title of this book introduces us to the question of life and all its significance. The short prologue is very modern and pithy challenging everyone to move on and discover individual answers.

Both new Christians and those who are thinking about Christianity will find the style appealing. The illustrations and vocabulary are very topical covering films, music, happenings and technology of our present time. In some ways this book is reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’ book Mere Christianity.

Destiny: What’s Life All About? although linguistically clear, is not easily digested in one sitting because each chapter stands alone and requires thoughtful contemplation. However the book has numerous photographs, illustrations and diagrams to convey the author’s intent.

The final Chapter is followed by a challenge to commitment to Christ giving references to the web, books, the Alpha Course and DVD’s so there can be no doubt about growth for those who make a serious commitment.

Galvin Calver says, “This wonderful book provides us with a deeply creative look at some of life’s big questions.

Reviewed by Suzanne Driver, Paradise Point Uniting Church