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Dog Psalms – Prayers my dogs have taught me

Monarch Books, Oxford UK, 2004
RRP: $10.95

Reviewed by Rev Bruce Raymond, minister with Bulimba Uniting Church.

Even if you are not a “doggie person”, this could be the book for you.

The book’s subtitle, “Prayers my dogs have taught me”, better describes the content. Open the book at any page and the left side gives a worldview topic on relationships, as seen through the eyes of a loving canine.

The opposite page holds a corresponding prayer for the reader.

By the end of this little book, having read the masterful insights dogs have about us humans, I was starting to think that any dog could read this.

The approach to the genre, at least, can’t be taken seriously.

While playful, adoring acknowledgements are made throughout the book about true love, it keeps to a true reverence about the source of all love.

Unfortunately, the book’s pocket size renders the delightful black and white photographs throughout the book to postage stamp dimensions.

Maybe that’s intentional.

The written content makes good use of rich action phrases which serve as subject headings, from, “I trust” and “I wiggle”, to “I pant” and “I heal”.

The variety of descriptors for a loving relationship found in this book exceeds the number of the fruits of the spirit found in the New Testament.

As the author said, “Unfolding these attributes of dog life opens my own spiritual being.”

That claim would be difficult to refute for any open-minded reader of faith, wanting to learn more and grow.