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Donkey: The Mystique of Equus Asinus

A Dancing Star Foundation Book
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Donkey is a loving, light-hearted but comprehensive history of donkeys down through the ages written by two people who have loved and owned donkeys from a young age. There are numerous photos of these loved animals.

They describe the qualities of the donkeys they have known, giving them almost human attributes and then explore the life of donkeys in interaction with humankind, down through the ages.

The authors trace the origin of donkeys back to Paleolithic times, with cave paintings showing they were the companions of man as far back as these times.

The books’ illustrations demonstrate the many examples of donkeys in literature and in art. Donkeys appear in Greek myths, in fables and fairy stories from many countries, as well as books like Don Quixote.

Moreover, the Old Testament in Deuteronomy says that the donkey should also rest on the Sabbath (Deuteronomy 5:14).

The story of Balaam and the Ass is well known, while in the New Testament donkeys were important in the lives of Jesus and his mother.

Famous painters have not forgotten the donkeys as they depicted these scenes.

Donkeys are portrayed as patient, loving, wise, faithful companions, gentle with children and able to communicate with their human owners.

They were also long-suffering beasts of burden and known to be stubborn and un-cooperative.

The authors include the well-loved A.A.Milne donkey, Eyeore, the soft toy of Christopher Robin, who is portrayed as having these attributes.

Donkey a book for browsing, relaxation and sharing with children.

It contains footnotes and a comprehensive bibliography, which show how extensively and lovingly the authors researched the topic.

Reviewed by Joan Cook