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Eldership: a three-part series

Moreton Rivers Presbytery, 2009
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Elders are not always oldies!
God calls people of all age groups to this special ministry in the congregation, giving them gifts for serving the people of God.
A resource study book, Eldership: A Three-Part Series offers useful and encouraging opportunities for people to enrich their understanding of the role to which Elders are called.
There is a lot in this book, including information on the Biblical foundation of Eldership, exploring the position of Elders in sharing pastoral care with ministers, and Elders’ roles in worship and teaching.
Authors Aaron Ghiloni and Margaret Niethe have put together a valuable resource which I recommend to all Church Councils to give effective purpose to the role of Elders.
What the authors have written is consistently practical, appropriately challenging, and aimed at enriching the ministry of God’s people.
Available from Moreton Rivers Presbytery, PO Box 193 Paddington 4064, or call 3369 8929

Reviewed by Rev Don Whebell, former Moderator of the Queensland Synod.