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Music CD
Produced by 96.5FM
RRP $2.50 plus postage and handling

Elevation is the annual sampler release by Brisbane radio station 96.5 Family FM. As Brisbane’s Christian radio station, 96.5 FM has access to some great local and overseas Christian music talent.

Immediately recognisable names like Superchick, John Reuben (of Hillsong fame), and Soulframe (recent guest artists at Aspley Uniting) will even be obvious to someone not overly familiar with “Christian” music.

The music is a mix of pop and rock mainly with a little RnB thrown to keep the balance. Lyrics are fairly tame for “Christian” artists who would probably work as well in a secular context as a Christian one.

The CD (which is not commercially available) is also an enhanced CD with music videos of all the featured artists, information about the radio station and church youth activities. It also has a short introduction into the basis of what it means to be a Christian.

Overall I’m impressed with the sound quality and the variety of talent and musical styles featured and would rate it 3 ½ out of 5.

Elevation 2006 is available from most SU School chaplains or can be purchased in bulk from www.96five.com in the 96five Shop section to give away to young people in your area.

Matt Gees works in radio and is a student at Trinity Theological College