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Every Step Counts: Building a healthy stepfamily

A Lion Book

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I suspect that most readers of Journey will be involved in some way with assisting and caring for others. This so often involves relationship problems – parent-child, parent-parent, married or co-habiting couples, grandparents, sibling-sibling etc. etc.

This book, I believe would be excellent for all caring people, and also especially for those contemplating or experiencing stepfamily relationships.

Certainly it is aimed primarily at stepfamily relationships. However a reading of the book leaves one with the conviction that the problems and opportunities in stepfamilies are only “normal” relationships that have been tested in the extreme!

Therefore, while I believe it is really excellent reading for anyone in a step family situation it is very much a book for everyone who cares for people in the complexities of everyday living.

It is easy to read, being very well written in good clear English.

The writers are a married couple with real expertise in the subject both from personal experience and from extensive study. Their Christian faith seeps through. They do not “preach” but their attitudes and occasional comments demonstrate a faith that has been tested and has come through positively in real life situations.

I recommend this book unreservedly.

Reviewed by Alan Renton from Magnetic Island